Reference Projects


Please ask if you have any questions on our projects or businesses. Together with the according customer we are glad to disclose more information during contracting.


  • Benchmark to product series (e.g. electronic mobility)
  • Conception of PV-plants
  • Production optimization (costs, efficient)
  • Innovation projects (also with range of support EU,D,NRW)


  • Development and construction of individual parts
  • Development and construction of assemblies
  • Integration of supplier products by the OEM 
  • Datamanagement in complex database structures
  • Reverse engineering
  • Drafting and derivation
  • Rapid prototyping / prototype production
  • test setup and performance
  • Releases 
  • Documentation

Project management

  • Vehicle segments
  • Complete vehicle 
  • Lifecycle-management
  • Supplier integration 


  • Technical training
  • Management and behavior training 
  • Language training 
  • Project management training

HR Consulting

  • Staff recruitment
  • Assessment center
  • Personnel development