Reference Projects


Please get in contact with us if you have any questions on our projects or businesses. Together with the according customer we are glad to disclose more information during contracting.


  • Benchmark to product series (e.g. electronic mobility)
  • Conception of PV-plants
  • Production optimization (costs, efficiency)
  • Innovation projects (also with range of support EU,D,NRW)


  • Development and construction of individual parts
  • Development and construction of assemblies
  • Integration of supplier products at the OEM 
  • Data management in complex database structures
  • Reverse engineering
  • Drafting and derivation
  • Rapid prototyping / prototype production
  • Test setup and performance
  • Releases 
  • Documentation

Project management

  • Vehicle segments
  • Complete vehicle 
  • Lifecycle-management
  • Supplier integration 


  • Technical training
  • Management and behavior training 
  • Language training 
  • Project management training

HR Consulting

  • Staff recruitment
  • Assessment center
  • Personnel development