• Thermal solar-roof-tiles (heat-collector - warm water)
  • Electric solar-roof-tiles  (PV - electricity)
  • Combi solar-roof-tile "Solarkombi-Dachpfanne (PV/heat- electricity and warm water)

The systems that are now available on the market are designed so that the recording system which grabs the panel is placed on a finished roof. This technique has many disadvantages like the waste of the roof, the under utilization and the costs of the montage. 


An obvious solution is a solar roof tile. A very efficient construction is needed so that the solar roof tile could be mounted very fast and easy on the roof because they have different lath pacing. Furthermore a roof system is needed which supply and derivation lines of the fluid and the power ensures. 



Please be aware that we do not show the current status of the development, but the status from spring 2015

Please do not hestitate to contact us if you are interested in this project. We will inform you then about the current status as well as explain the fundamentals of the main patent. 

Chain of the roof tile with 'snap-in-proceed'. Because of the length-variability the roof tiles fit on the normal measures

The feeder takes place over the so called gutter board

The collector like takes place over the roof ridge